Sunday, 27 July 2014

### A black way ... !!!

Abbreviating the depth of my thoughts,
But not disgracing the worth of my thoughts,
Magnanimous I am but rational too,
Like all but impressed only by few…

And we often rushed into the kiln of desires,
Always rose above from this all day cries,
Brought up by this whole glittering ambience,
That i am not here for only knee dalliance…

After just pitched in this amazing life sea,
And in a brown study of happiness and You,
Everyone often felt loneliness, early or late,
Concluded most important is only happiness dew…

And gradually nonplussed in this battle,
Dissolved badly like a melting metal,
Can’t handle all in this innocent Age,
Only can feel all very planned graze…

Started on this way along with the hope,
Hope sapiently of your surrounding’s slope,
A fanatical expectation of world’s motion,
And that path black puts a first emotion…

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Suicide Undefined…

For a strange and invisible cause,
I thought of a suicide,
Putting myself on the worst side,
For whom, I don’t know wide.

Hey, God just pull me out,
From this world of natural doubt,
Just for some strange soul,
That can’t hear your inner call.

Just to put you in this action,
Only by some magical attraction,
Putting you in some dark drainage,
In the situation that can’t easily manage.

Love the person, who loves you,
Not madly but starts with new,
Do something that makes better, you,
Respected by others are the persons few.

A person should always be brave,
Even nearer to his own grave,
So I don’t want to get scattered,
Even small or big is the matter.

Suicide is only for cowards,
Those who never go forward,
In this world of unlimited difficulties,
Only can take steps faulty...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

??? Conversation, Matters Always… !!!

May be succinct that can’t make it happened,
Supplicating at least words should be listened,
The rude words, behaves always make one sicken,
But it doesn't sense that go and get the weapon...

Something is driving me again to the dark past,
Its unusual and casting me away very-very fast,
Never desired to get strangled by the situations,
Tried to be rational always but proved a bad emission...

Understood by the people was my only desire,
Cursed, blamed but always waiting to get admire,
Expectations, the word, the thing always in use,
So in my case also, it is always making me amuse...

Hovering around the memories that obscured,
But now couldn't sit craven to get oneself cured,
Need of some words to make things again clear,
Really want to have back that beautiful glare...

Friday, 11 July 2014

## Lust... **!!

Lust of happiness, lust of some rain,
It’s a lie indeed, it’s just a lust of an enormous pain...

Lust of memory, lust of some space,
It’s a dream exactly, it’s just an lust of a fake face...

Lust of enemy, lust of some fight,
It’s a need always, it’s just a lust of some blind height...

Lust of love, lost of some aim,
It’s a word impossible, it’s just a lust of a stupid game...

Lust of money, lust of some shame,
It's a matter greedy, it's just a lust of a instant blame...

Lust of life, lust of some chance,
It's a psuedo need, it's just a lust of a fake romance...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

;;; चाहत नहीं जिद्द कर... **!

पहचानने का हुनर तो दिखाया मुझे,
साथ दिया नहीं तो क्या हुआ,
ठोकर देकर चलना तो सिखाया मुझे,

मुझको रुला के मगर मिला क्या तुझे,
साथ नहीं मैं भी तो तेरे,
याद रखना ये, की अब पछताना तो पड़ेगा ही उसे,

तकदीर कभी ना कभी तो पूछेगी मुझे,
नादान कितना भी हो वो दूर तुझसे,
गम, कुछ समय लेके ही सही आजमाएगी ज़रूर उसे,

हसने के मौके सभी के हैं कहाँ,
और थम जाए वो ज़िन्दगी नहीं,
रोना है तो खुश होने का दौर भी आएगा यहाँ,

और इंतज़ार ना कर ख़ुशी का तू सब,
चाहत से सिर्फ मिलता नहीं कुछ,
बताना होगा कुछ करके और कुछ दिखाके अब,

रुकने का नाम ज़िन्दगी नहीं है कुछ,
चाहत को झुकादे अब तो तू सब,
और बंदगी से नहीं जिद्द कर की करना है अब तो कुछ...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

:':' Ultimately It’s Respect… --#!

And we, the people voracious,
Patience, always has tried,
So much everyday it is killing,
Finally waiting just for the healing...

May be brevity of my words,
Or lack of grasping of the crowd,
That can’t convey always the same,
But respected by all is my ultimate aim…

Forgive me for I am gone so high,
Only reason of Your expensive cry,
May be the people that often surrounds,
Are the main host of this battle ground…

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

## Value ...!

Value of rain, value of a drop,
Always remind the value of some hope…
Value of aim, value of my dreams,
Never ignore the value of my screams…

Value of emotions, value of my pain,
Gradually carried away by this fate game…
Value of respect, value of that care,
Can’t forget the value of that beautiful glare…

Value of lines, value of dose rhymes,
For me yours happiness value always a prime…
Value of that touch, value of that ride,
Never desecrate the value of your pride…

Value of relations, value of painful distances,
Try to respect the value of all those instances…
Value of hesitation, value of those moments,
Try to replicate the value of all instants…

Sunday, 6 July 2014

!!! Apologizing... :;:;

Hey cohorts just try to pray,
Think grossly in the same way,
Spread happiness deep in the air,
Some envelope, wrapper for her care…

Forgive me for I am gone so high,
Only reason of the expensive cry,
May be the people that often surrounds,
Are the main host of this battle ground…

Even can’t meddle into the crunch,
But intend to allay the dark bunch,
Lost ground for the emotional solace,
Furtively liked to be involved always…

Saturday, 5 July 2014

;;; Brief Characterization… *!*!

Music and rhyme,
Poems and lyrics,
They are cynic,
With numerous tricks...

A sad thought,
Only mad notes,
Some neat imaginations,
And foolish deeds...

Reticent in nature,
But a wonderful creature,
Harmless for rest,
Like baby in d nest…

Ambiguous by words,
Arrogant like sword,
Laugh a little,
Smile a lot...

Greed of love,
Need some luck?
Is it natural?
Or destiny's walk...

Audaciously careful always but,
Unexpectedly became d reason,
Reason of someone's grief,
It’s a poet’s character brief…

Friday, 4 July 2014

**!!! कुछ, मेहेरबान हूँ :::**

बचपन के वो दिन पास आते हैं,
रुखी सी इस जिंदगी में एक आस लाते हैं,
बारिश में वो काग़ज़ की कश्ती देख,
दूर छोड़ सब सैयम , मस्ती और विवेक,

रुक के थोडा ये दिमाग सोचता है,
दूर जाते देख सब, दिल को यूँ खारोचता है,
मिटटी के घर और घरौंदे रोज़ सनते थे,
अरमानों के किले हर मोड़ ही बनते थे,

जीना इतना मुश्किल होगा ये गर जानते तो,
बड़े होने की तमन्ना कभी रखते नहीं यूँ,
कागज़ की कश्ती, घर टूटे तो बहोत रो गए,
दिल और रिश्ते टूटने पे ये आंसू कुछ कम हो गए,

पर मेहेरबान हूँ इतने ख्वाब बुन के,
ख़ुशी और दुःख को एक एक कर चुन के,
परास्त हुआ तो सीखा है जीने का सलीका नया,
बुलंदियों की ही नहीं, हार की दास्ताँ भी करता हूँ बयां...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

::: Just happiness .!.!!

Sometimes this happiness can’t be uphold,
Like the molten metal flowing in a mould,
This moment does not need a big reason,
To identify just a need of your soul’s vision…

Making me abject your dissipation,
Lacerated by this bad marred situation,
Beating the air just by restless crying,
Confronting horribly with the pain arrive...

Can’t interpolate between the situation,
Just nonplussed from dawn to dusk,
Again dwelled same old memory bright,
But why we bother if all have the same twilight…

...... Don’t Regret… But We Do !!!

Better was that wistful hope of love,
Can’t handle anymore this dose of love,
Determined not to follow this line,
Don’t know when I will be fine…

Created or it just happens causelessly,
But everything happens for a cause,
Also heard of a happy ending constantly,
So why do exist uncertainty strangely…

Regret is thing that never followed,
It is asked but never to be swallowed,
Guilt is the thing that never depleted,
Past is moments cannot ever replicated…

Usually things used up of glory and joys,
But never forget that scars and why,
So why do always bawl not to regret,
The only part of past can’t be forget…

Mended wall for myself but not for You,
Feeling alone isolated like water as dew,
Can’t draft a message may be froward,
Ignoring the situation must be coward…

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

::: निवेदन... !!!

गुजरती हुई इस राह पे जब बैठूँ सोचने,
बटोरने को ज्यादा और संजोना बड़ा है,

आज देखता हुँ जब इंसान की नियत,
मुसीबत बहोत और सुधारना कड़ा है,

लालच, गुनाह और सब देखूं प्रयाप्त,
अब मुश्किल बढ़ी है और रोना बढ़ा है,

पथ पे पड़ी आहात जिस्म यूँ पुकारे बेसूद,
निवेदन ना सुनी और अब कैंडल लिए खड़ा है,

पूज्य तुम्हारी वो पत्थर की मूरत झूठी,
क्यों चुपचाप, शांत और अब मौन पड़ा है,

आँखे खोल ही नहीं, अपितु देख भी तो जरा,
भागती हुई ये दुनिया और मस्तिस्क जड़ा है,

समझो अब, जागो इंसान देर हो गयी बहोत,
निर्जीव की भक्ति और सजीव पे क्यों अड़ा है ||

!!! Love Criticized … !!!

Talk not of love, it gives me pain,
Which is tougher than an iron chain,
For love being my foe,
Detoured me deep in woe.

Never talk of love,
Just brain’s clog,
Focus to your destination,
With no love contamination.

Just a waste of time hence not mine,
As not in my destiny, am it’s enemy.

It’s a matter of chance,
Could do big menace,
It’s a total mystery,
Better is maths, chemistry.

But love always clings to life,
Spraying many feelings to life,
So never ignore feelings,
But also no further dealings.

It’s a fault of love,
As there’s no halt of love,
So never talk of love,
Better is hope of love…

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lovely, Lonely and Only Girl…

Everything stashed,
Something crashed,
Joy and grief,
Part of life indeed,

Eclectic in graces,
Avarice of blesses,
Prevalent pain,
Hope all go in vain,

Fraud affairs,
Generous prayers,
Feeling very lonely,
But nature is homely,

Smuggling thoughts,
Afraid of ghosts,
Eternal is the feeling,
Waiting for the healing,

Gifts, fun for all,
No praises for that girl,
But she is good,
One of best in the woods,

Esoteric emotions,
Sensible missions,
Innocuous deeds,
Appearing woozy,

Very much moody...
Can’t write more,
But really adore,
Naughty, cute and all,
She is a beautiful doll,
Just to concede,
I care indeed...
Just to console,
Love by all...