Tuesday, 21 August 2012

RhYmE rEaSoN

Its a matter of thoughts or a style,

May cause of loneliness, its a way versatile,

Some says creativity, some says God gift,

May be a hobby or exercise of your wrist...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Spontaneous bt editd...

Thoughts are shouting, thoughts are calling...
In my mind pitch, thoughts are bowling...

Don't need a pen, don't need a lamp...
Just one wish, so that i feel cramp...

May be selfish, may be ambitious...
But midst of my dreams i am just furious...

Can't ignore, can't blame,
but a dream is there just to claim...

To see you only, to feel you only...
Tried to ignore but became very lonely,

Tried to be rude but then smiled ...
Among all important, for you also i cried...

Just make you happy is my prime desire,
But things are unusually making me a liar...

You are mine or not is just my threat,
But pray you get always your best gift...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

SucCesS ScrIpTed

Just leaving behind the darker side,
Forward to achieve something wide,
Setting new limits for the exceptions,
Now, ready to face the face, ready to cross every gate.

But after looking failure in the mirror,
Making efforts to obliterate in real,
Not sadistic just to prove myself,
As never take anything minor.

Being quixotic is not the way,
As barking dogs seldom barks,
Put yourself in the kiln of work,
Beyond that limit that just not matched.

Battle of life should be lessons for others,
Mission of life to make impressions for others.

But never forget past, as it yours,
As it’s the union of your win and loss,
Let you stop, not to repeat faults,
That’s only a way to improve your goals.

Work to reach the peak of success,
Work is only the work of success,
But perfect is that work, you deserving through,
As that much of patience is only in few.

Labour is not only criteria for success,
Also the luck, which carry you to that,
But never trust luck, as it increases indolence,
There’s only hard work that only you can…

ChaRactEr RedEfiNed oR ReFinEd...

Seems whimsical sometimes, may be true,
Very patient, but hate to stand in a queue,

Don’t like her face, but it’s not a matter,
Other’s view is even much more greater,

A bead of mixed characters,
But explaining few selected will be better,
Very garrulous but listen patiently,
Very childish nature, attracting everyone widely,

Having an art of making funny face,
Creativity in hand, never go in trash,
Look mature but still fallible indeed,
Under the ground like an alone seed,

It’s better to show strength aside,
But cracked & scratched exorbitantly inside,
And flourishing the open-mindedness always,
May prove you fake & fragile,

Anxious when someone reacts abnormally,
Very proud, also sympathies you terribly,
Strength to candid, geared through anger,
But perplexed even at certain danger,

Admitting ambitious may detoured in a way,
But achieve completely her goal it’s my pray...

fEel PuZzEllEd

Incoherent under the enigma of life,
Feels as an epicenter of certain quake,
Being prodigious is even fake,
As the target is already destined,
Win is propitious sometimes defeat also,

Love is just a fake responsibility,
Dwindle one from life’s fidelity,
Like an envelope with anthrax inside,
If it is already destined then,
Then I would find myself the most alone,

Anger is not an offence, just an environment influence,
Love escorts you to anger, induces peevishness too,
People says love is in the air,
So let it be in the air only,
Inhale oxygen that helps you finally,

My days are dreamy and nights are alone,
Something is missing but is still unknown
The greater your capacity to love,
Greater your capacity to feel the pain,
It can’t hurt you unless you let it gain,

Love means exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt,
Deeply hurt by someone you trust,
Try to hate the person you love most, but remember,
I am emotional but not a fool,
I am a hammer doesn’t think am just a tool,

All of your cheap desires are most expensive for me,
You will never understand what I feel,
Need to leave everything but get ensured deeply,
It’s all encourage me, also inspires me partly,
But all this is just idle, pull me away, far away from U……